CE marking

CE Marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that the construction product has been made correctly and meets certain public safety requirements. The factory production control system and the essential characteristics for each product are described in a set of European standards called ‘harmonised’ standards. It will become mandatory for manufacturers to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and apply CE marking to any of their construction products which are covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or conforms to a European Technical Assessment (ETA).
The individual requirements of fasteners in metallic constructions are regulated by the harmonized standards EN 15048 and EN 14399. Products which do not fall under a harmonized standard or a European technical approval (ETA) can still be distributed without CE marking. It is important to point out that DoP and CE marking is only required for construction products used in buildings when they will be permanently installed and at the same time have influence on the basic requirements for the building.
Mechanical fasteners in A4 stainless steel are also affected by this directive. The harmonized standards that covers fasteners is EN 15048, fasteners for non-preloaded applications and EN 14399 for pre-loaded applications. However, 14399 does not apply to stainless steels.

Bumax AB is certified by TUV Nord according to EN 15048 and BUMAX® 88 products can be supplied as a “structural bolt” with CE marking . The bolts will also be hard marked with “SB” according to the standard. However, CE marked structural bolts is not a standard product as it requires additional testing and marking compared to standard Bumax 88 . Upon inquiry / ordering of fasteners with usage that falls under the DoP and CE marking requirements it is important that this is clearly specified.

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