We are proud to inform that BUMAX AB has achieved the highly regarded and much sought after NORSOK® certification for its new Super Duplex fasteners, as well as being added to Statoil’s list of approved manufacturers for Super Duplex fasteners.

Extensive work by BUMAX AB has resulted in the new NORSOK® M-650, Edition 4, accreditation being secured for Super Duplex headed bolts, studs and nuts in grades UNS S32750 and S32760. The accreditation is a result of intensive testing verifying different manufacturing routes in order to achieve full compliance with NORSOK specifications for fasteners.

“Gaining the new NORSOK® approvals for our Super Duplex grades means that our customers are assured that the product consistency and quality is the same every time,” says Anders Söderman, Technical Director at BUMAX AB. “BUMAX’s NORSOK® approved fasteners ensure high performance characteristics in some of the most demanding and aggressive applications in the world.”

As a leading producer of stainless steel fasteners, BUMAX AB is always at the forefront of material knowledge and cutting edge development of new products in order to provide its customers with the latest materials allowing lowest possible operating costs. BUMAX AB has over 90 years of experience manufacturing advanced stainless fasteners and employs rigorous quality controls throughout the production process to ensure the consistency of the finished product.

All BUMAX’s NORSOK® fasteners are tested and individually marked with full traceability in accordance with the NORSOK® standard and comes complete with a 3.1 certificate.

Please contact us for more information regarding our NORSOK® approved fasteners